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INNO-WC1046 Close-Coupled Washdown Pedestal WC Suite

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Flush System Options:

This indicates that you have the choice between a dual flush system (allowing you to choose between a lower and higher flush volume for liquid and solid waste) and a single flush system with a fixed flush volume.

Option 1: 3/6 Litre Dual Flush (DF) VC Cistern (BIBO)
Option 2: 6 Litre Single Flush (SF) VC Cistern (BIBO)

Toilet Seat & Cover:

Type: INNO Soft Closing Toilet Seat & Cover
This suggests that the toilet seat comes with a soft-closing feature, which prevents it from slamming shut.

Trap Type:

Type: Concealed S Trap Only
This specifies that the toilet is designed for a concealed S trap. The S trap is a type of waste trap configuration that goes into the floor.

Outlet Position:

Position: Standard Bottom Outlet
Distance: 250mm
This indicates that the waste outlet is positioned at the bottom of the toilet, and the distance from the wall to the center of the outlet is 250mm.


Length (L): 690mm
Width (W): 370mm
Height (H): 820mm
These dimensions provide the length, width, and height of the toilet.

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