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WB 2023 Titanite Basin

Quantity: In Stock

Waste Outlet:

Size: 44mm
This indicates that the wash basin has a waste outlet with a size of 44mm.

Tap Hole:

Type: Full-Punched One Tap Hole
This suggests that the wash basin comes with a pre-drilled hole to accommodate a single tap.

Optional Half Pedestal:

Type: BP3004 "B" Half Pedestal
Availability: Optional
This indicates that there is an optional BP3004 "B" half pedestal that can be added. A half pedestal is a supporting structure for the basin that provides a streamlined appearance.


Method: Using Fisher Bolt & Nuts
This specifies the installation method, using Fisher bolt and nuts.


Length (L): 485mm
Width (W): 405mm
Height (H): 180mm
These dimensions provide the length, width, and height of the wall-hung wash basin.

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