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INNO-SQ7001 Ovani Squatting Pan

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SKU: SQ7001

High Level Cistern:

Type: 6 litre high level cistern
Optional: This indicates that a 6-liter high-level cistern is an optional feature for the Back Inlet Squatting Pan. High-level cisterns are often positioned higher on the wall.


Optional: The presence of an optional footrest. A footrest can provide additional support and comfort for the user.

Loose S or P:

Optional: This suggests that there's an option for a loose S trap or P trap. S and P traps are different types of waste traps used in plumbing.

Color Options:

Availability: Available in all colors
This indicates that the Back Inlet Squatting Pan is customizable and can be chosen in various color options according to individual preferences or design requirements.

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