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WC 1031 / LC 5028 Syenite WC Suite

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Option A: 3/6 Liter Dual Flush VC Cistern
Option B: 6 Liter Single Flush VC Cistern (Available in 3/4 Liter)
Users can choose between a dual flush cistern with a 3/6 liter capacity or a single flush cistern with a 6-liter capacity (available in 3/4 liter configurations).

Seat & Cover Options:

Option A: Soft Closing Seat & Cover
Option B: Heavy Duty Seat & Cover
Users can choose between a soft-closing seat & cover or a heavy-duty seat & cover.

Trap Type:

Type: S Trap
The toilet is available in an S-Trap configuration, indicating that the waste outlet is located in the floor.


Type: L Bracket
This suggests the presence of an L bracket, possibly for additional support or installation purposes.

Outlet Position:

Option A: Bottom Outlet – 145mm
Option B: Bottom Outlet – 250mm
The toilet offers flexibility in outlet positions, with options for a bottom outlet at either 145mm or 250mm from the wall.


Length (L): 675mm
Width (W): 400mm
Height (H): 795mm
These dimensions provide the length, width, and height of the toilet.

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