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INNO-SQ7004-P Regal

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Integral P-Trap:

Type: Integral P-Trap
This indicates that the squatting pan comes with an integrated P-Trap. The P-Trap is a plumbing device that prevents sewer gases from entering buildings while allowing waste to pass through.

Integral Tread Plates:

The squatting pan is equipped with integral tread plates. Tread plates are likely designed to provide a foothold or grip for the user.

Flush Valve or High Level Cistern:

Option 1: Flush Valve
Option 2: High Level Cistern (optional)
This suggests that there are options for the flushing mechanism, allowing you to choose between a flush valve and, optionally, a high-level cistern.

Trap Type:

Type: S-Trap
The squatting pan is designed for an S-Trap configuration.


Length (L): 560mm
Width (W): 425mm
Height (H): 355mm
These dimensions provide the length, width, and height of the Back Inlet Squatting Pan.

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